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Introducing for the first time at Dolomitenblick, our Forest Bathing Course


Introducing for the first time at Dolomitenblick, our Forest Bathing Course

Nearly two years ago, our friend and colleague, Christian Putzer, completed his training to become a course leader for forest bathing. The course, titled ‘Forest Bathing – Mindfulness in Nature’, is offered by the Deutsche Akademie für Waldbaden & Gesundheit (DAWG), the German Academy for Forest Bathing and Health in Bavaria. Specialising in training and educational courses in and with nature and the forest, the Academy offers a wide range of courses in Europe on forest bathing, mindfulness in nature, nature resilience, nature mental training and systemic coaching in nature.

Chris is quickly becoming renowned for his forest bathing programmes in the region around Terento and is experiencing great success.

He has also convinced the DAWG to offer a training course to become a course leader for Forest Bathing – Mindfulness in Nature in the sunny village of Terento in South Tyrol – right here at the Hotel Dolomitenblick.

In addition to several German participants who intentionally chose the training in South Tyrol, there were also three participants who came from South Tyrol itself.


Forest bathing originated in Japan, where it is known as ‘Shinrin Yoku’, meaning ‘immersing’ ourselves in the atmosphere of the forest with all our senses, being mindful and present, letting go of worries and knowledge and simply ‘being there’.

It’s a wonderful way to escape the stress and hectic pace of everyday life and to strengthen the immune and nervous systems.

Trainer Thomas Müller from the DAWG was impressed by the unique qualities of South Tyrol’s forest nature and landscape. The predominantly coniferous forests are rich in terpenes, the landscape is diverse and compact and the climate is soothing and pleasantly cool.

Participants immersed themselves deeply in the forest through activities such as body scans, rooting meditations or what's known as contemplative walking. They focused on perceiving the region or the intricate details of a mountain pine through a picture frame.

Lydia Tratter, responsible for the Sesto Tourist Board's Facebook media presence, remarked: ‘Through the various sensory exercises, such as the so-called 90-degree turn, I perceive my native land and region, which is unique, even more intensely’. She aims to share this love for her homeland with future holiday guests by offering a range of forest bathing activities.

Until recently, Carolin Herberg worked in the finance and property sector. She has long been involved in coaching in nature and the idea of epigenetics and would like to combine this with the idea of forest bathing in the Brunico area

At the end of the interview, Helmuth Hofer from the Valle Aurina is bright-eyed and half-smiling as he says: ‘Forest bathing is a wonderful method of slowing down for me, which is very easy to incorporate into my archery course in Valle Aurina (Teldra archery) as another learning component.’

Academy Director Jasmin Schlimm-Thierjung was also very enthusiastic about the response to the training programme in South Tyrol and has already hinted at further programmes in South Tyrol/Terento in 2025.

More information can be found on the homepage:

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