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50 years Dolomitenblick

Dolomitenblick, the alps boutique hotel*** can proudly look back on its 50 year history. Through diligence and continual effort to offer the guests the very best, the hotel has developed from a guest house into a hotel which meets the highest requirements of its guests.
Here is a short overview of the hotel’s history:


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It was on an evening 50 years ago when Alois, then 28 years old, in the economy of the Terentnerhof was approached by a travel agent from Germany. He was looking for accommodation for groups from Germany, who wanted to spend their holiday in the sunny village of Terento.

Alois, today senior partner in Dolomitenblick, was just finishing his house. It took only a few small adjustments and a small tour group could find enough space in his new house. Said and done. No plans, no bureaucracy.

Even a phone has organized Alois. One of the first in all of Terento.
And so in 1967 the pension - at that time without a name - was ready to receive the first guests. It was mainly families who spent at least 2 weeks in Terento during the summer. The claims were low: There were rooms with laundry facilities, shower and toilet were on the floor for common use.

Sister Paula and Ms. Oberhofer were the hard-working helpers. Alois was out and about with his truck during the day. In the evening he helped in the company.

The start was made, everything went quite well. The food was simple but freshly made 3 times a day. The guests were satisfied. The highlight at that time were the so-called "Epflkiachlan". Even today, this typical dessert is from time to time on our menu.
Especially delighted - then as now - were the guests from the magnificent panorama of the Plan de Corones and the Dolomites. One of the first guest groups, the "family vacations" from the community Lauterbach in Hesse meant, the guesthouse you should call "Dolomitenblick". Probably quite fitting, everyone agreed. As luck would have it, one of the guests was a painter by profession. And so the name "Pension Dolomitenblick" was written by this guest on the house.

Many family retreats followed. 2 months in the summer, followed by a group of the next. 13 DM was the price per person with full board, which was negotiated with the travel agent. At this time it was exclusively German guests who spent their holidays in Terento. The guests were part of the family. They returned year after year. It created friendships that last until today.
Somehow or other, other businesses started in Terenten. Tourism had little idea but with dedication and diligence succeeded in attracting guests and to make regulars.
In 1972, just 3 years later, the kitchen was enlarged and 2 guest rooms were added. This even with its own shower.
1977/78, the indoor pool was built, changing rooms separated for men and women, as it was then prescribed by the construction commission. Even a sauna with two loungers was still room. That was almost a small luxury back then. With the years followed a small bar with counter for sociable hours, a renewed extension of the kitchen and other guest rooms. Not only for the guests needed space. The Lechner family had also grown bigger. After the marriage of Alois and Annemarie in 1968, the first son Alexander was born in 1969. It was followed by Wilfried, Barbara and the youngest daughter Katja.
A large extension took place in 1996. 9 new guest rooms with solid wood flooring, solid wood furniture, balcony and private bathroom as well as a new dining room and a new bar were built. A quality leap. The demands of the guests were getting bigger.
In 2000, the kitchen was relocated and completely redesigned. Since then it has not been cooked on the wood but on the gas stove. The swimming pool was thoroughly renovated and enlarged, it was a new sauna area.
2006 and 2013 were followed by further conversions. The new Panorama Royal rooms were built, some with a separate bedroom for the children, a new entrance hall with reception and library.
The Dolomites view in constant change. What remains is the familiar ambience and the joy of giving every guest a wonderful holiday experience.

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