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Historic telling hikes, Terento

To the historic mills and earth pyramids 
To the historic mills and earth pyramids

Directly from the "Dolomitenblick" follow the path No.1 for Latschenhof and Walderhof right up to the forest. Here you get to the panoramic path No.1 and follow this to the west until the "Terner Bach". If you cross it, you'll see the first flour mills and the earth pyramids. You follow the trail No.22 into the village center and from there you go back to the hotel.

Duration: about 2 hours

Tip: Many guests enjoy this short, easy hike already on arrival! Get out of the car and into the hiking boots.



Nature solariums at Moser-Eck and Gols 
Nature solariums at Moser-Eck and Gols

You start your walk right on Hotel Dolomitenblick and walk past the Latschenhof and Walderhof to the forest edge. Here you follow the panoramic path no. 1 until Fuchssteinerhof.

From there you follow the path 8B to Moseralm, where you can enjoy nature solariums and the wonderful view.

Now you can directly re-migrate back to the hotel or go on the road No.8 continue to Gols (here are the second natural solarium) and on the Winnebachtal back to the hotel.

Refreshments: trip to the Astnerbergalm.



Panoramic path Terento 
Panoramic path Terento

You start right at the Hotel Dolomitenblick and follow the road into the valley until Alpeggerhof. Go left on the panoramic path no. 1 and follow it in a westerly direction to the grain mills, (always trail no. 1) in the hamlet of Talson, past the Jausenstation Hauerhof. You can continue walking on the road. No. 16 in the hamlet of margins (Chapel St.Margareth), further to pain (possibly through the biotope) and back to the village center. From there back to the hotel.

Duration: 4.5 hours

Altitude difference: 620 m



To Pertinger Alm 
To Pertinger Alm

Directly from the hotel you walk into the valley Winnebachtal, path no. 5. Cross the Winnebach and turn after a few minutes right in the direction Pertinger Alm, always trail no. 5 through meadows and woods to hike ever upward until you reach the forest to Pertinger Alm reach. You can follow this forest road, or take the somewhat steeper shortcut, past the "Devil's Stone". The forest thins out and you have reached the target.

Here you can enjoy a fabulous view of the upper Puster Valley, Kronplatz and the Peitlerkofel.

Either you go back the same way, or continue to rise up and sweep over the Gamssteig no. 5A, past the Hofalm and Astnerberg Alm back to Winnebachtal and the hotel.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Altitude difference: 800 m

The route can be shortened by one hour if you go by car to the car park at the Schneeberg (Nunewieser).

Gols and Alpenrosensteig 
Gols and Alpenrosensteig

The starting point is again the "Dolomitenblick". Turn left on trail no. 1 for Latschenhof and overcome the first meters to Walderhof to the forest edge. Here you follow the panoramic path no. 1 in a westerly direction to the parking lot at the flour mills. Then follow the path no. 8A, always slightly uphill to Gols. It is a small tree of free space that invites you to linger. On and on. Click here already back down over the Alpenrosensteig to Astnerbergalm into Winnebachtal and back to the hotel.

Altitude difference: 500 m

Duration: about 3 hours

Tip: Especially worthwhile during Alpenrose bloom in mid-June to mid-July (depending on weather)

Am Joch (2.405 m.ü.M.) 
Am Joch (2.405 m.ü.M.)

For this simple tour on the top of a mountain you start again directly at the hotel. You go into the valley, cross the Winnebach and turn after a short time right towards Pertinger Alm, path no. 5. Moderately rising can be reached in about 2 hours to Pertinger Alm (refreshments), after another 45 minutes to the Upper Pertinger Alm (not farmed) and then slightly rising alpine pastures in another 45 minutes to the summit of the Terner yoke. Here opens in good weather a wonderful view. In the north, 3000 the Zillertal Alps fascinate, to the east of the Sesto Dolomites, in the south of Plan de Corones and the mighty Peitlerkofel. Allow plenty of time to enjoy this moment!

On the way back there again several options: either go back the same way or go through the Gamssteig (path no. 5A) on the Hofalm directly into Winnebachtal or you commit a portion of Pfunderer ridge road towards "Tiefrasten-Hüttl" to then migrate back through the Winnebachtal back to the hotel.

The walk can be shortened by about an hour if you go by car to the car park at the Schneeberg (Nunewieser).

Altitude difference: 1100 m

Duration of climb: 3.5 to 4 hours

Duration descent: vary depending on the choice

Tip: Start on warm summer days as early as possible to this hike, because you are always exposed to the blazing sun in the last section!

Tiefrastenhütte und Tiefrastensee (2.312 m.ü.M.) 
Tiefrastenhütte und Tiefrastensee (2.312 m.ü.M.)

You start at the hotel, you hike into the valley on trail no. 5 on the Winnebach into Winnebachtal. You follow the path No.23, past the Astnerberg Alm, a steep climb to the "Tiefrasten-Hüttl". Now you deserve a break and this place is ideal for a short rest.

We continue on a flat pastureland and then slightly uphill, partly in serpentines to Tiefrastenhütte and directly behind the Tiefrastensee.

Difference in altitude: 1,000 m

Duration: 3-3.5 hours

Tip: The Tiefrastenhütte is widely known for the good food. Catch all the action;

For experienced hikers some worthwhile summit tours are available from the Tiefrastenhütte from: Kempspitze, Hochgrubbach tip Eidechsspitze.

Eidechsspitze (2.735 m.ü.M.) 
Eidechsspitze (2.735 m.ü.M.)

The Eidechsspitze is a highlight for every climber. We call the local mountain of Terento "Hegidex". This summit should be taken only of sure-footed and experienced hikers in attack!

The starting point is again the "Dolomitenblick". You ascend to the lower treeline (path N. 1), on the panorama, cross the Mills, and hiking on trail no. 22 on the Englalm partially climbs steeply up to the spines of Eidechsspitze. Then over scree and boulders to the summit of Eidechsspitze.

The return takes place either via the Ansteigsweg or on Kompfossseen, on path no. 23, to Tiefrastenhütte and back into Winnebachtal and the hotel.

Duration of climb: ca. 4 4.5 hours

Duration descent vary depending on the choice

Altitude difference: 1450 m